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Two foxes that love each other got separated in dimensions and now they will do everything to stick together again!
Get to the end of the level with your friend jumping platforms and killing the enemies to clear your paths or jump even higher!
Fall at the same time into the middle void to swap dimensions together and achieve your goals.
Each player will start on the topside or on the downside of the screen. 
You never can be at the same dimension! But you still will help your friend, by picking up health for him/her and swapping dimensions together! 

Game Created by:

Lucas Bellinazzi(Lead Artist):
   Email: BellinazziLucas@Gmail.com
   Instagram: lucasbellinazzi

Bia Ferreira(Lead Level Designer):
   Email: anabeatrizabgf@hotmail.com
   Twitter: @Bizocaaa

Created during the 1st semester project of Games and Apps Development course at IADE-Universidade Europeia in 2018/2019.

For more information about our course  visit this link:


Install instructions

Just download, unzip and run the .exe 

We hope that You enjoy!! :)


   Controls:       Player 1: WASD       Player 2: Arrows

   Health:       Pick the yellow flowers to heal your friend!

   Changing dimensions:       Jump together into the middle void to swap dimensions with your friend!

   Total levels: 9


Till the Bond - Build (Windows).zip 15 MB


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Olá, eu tenho um computador 64 bit Windows e quando eu tenho executar o arquivo .exe não abre o jogo :( não sei se tem um problema com o meu computador ou se é um bug.

Olá!!  Você lembrou de extrair os arquivos da pasta .Zip?